• First Impressions

  • Small Talk

  • Technical Questions

  • Your Questions

  • Closing

Ace your interview and get the job!
Airline Pilot Instructor Joseph Muñoz delivers the inside info you need to succeed

Joseph Muñoz is an industry recognized instructor, Florida Tech graduate and professional airline pilot. At the young age of 13 Joe decided to dedicate his life to aviation, instruction and perfecting techniques to optimize knowledge transfer. Joe has over 4600 hours of instruction given in B737 and A320 Level D motion simulators. He continues to actively train pilots in both the simulator and classroom with courses ranging from initial to recurrent and upgrade. He also trains in specialty courses such as CRM (Crew Resource Management), HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials), RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums), MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications), Jet Transition, MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination), low visibility operations—and the list goes on. Joe actively flies the A320 family of aircraft for a US based 121 carrier. He attributes much of his rapid growth in the industry to his interpersonal skills that he teaches within the Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course. Leave it to Joe to provide you with the exact recipe for rapid career growth!

1. Exactly what to say

2. How to say it

3. Perception Control

4. Answer the real question they have

5. Setting hooks

6. Dress and appearance

7. Being unforgettable 

8. Setting the standard

9. Technical Question answers

10. Questions you should ask

11. Phases of the interview

12. How to follow up

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  • 2+ Hours of content