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We want you to succeed and we’re confident we can help. For years Juan & Joe have provided instruction that ensured pilots LEARN & PASS their training. Whether you have 250 hours or 20,000 hours – we can elevate your proficiency to the standards that secure your success. 

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Pre Oral $349

Spend 3 hours with Juan or Joe receiving one on one coaching that will guarantee your success.

Ground School $597

Spend a full 8 hour day with Juan or Joe completely building the aircraft. Are you ready for some true instructor led training? A PreOral can be mixed into this course. This is our most common option!

Sim Training $447

Want to have Juan or Joe as your sim instructor? We will  take you into the sim for an incredibly productive session. Pricing is per hour.

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What I learned in 8 hours with Instructor Joe far exceeded anything I could’ve expected. These guys really have a passion for teaching and it is very obvious when you’re in person with them.  – Mike S. 

Juan’s maintenance knowledge is unbelievable. We got into a discussion of TCAS and before I knew it he was even showing me where the boxes are located! These guys are the real deal. Go see them in Miami. – Jason R. 

After watching the B737NG videos I had to come see these guys for training. All I can say is WOW… I’ve never had instruction like this at any airline in my entire career. – Robert L.

How We Run Our Class

We aim to provide quality Instructor Led Training. We’re incredibly passionate about communicating knowledge effectively and simplifying the learning process. We should mention our training are events centered around the instructor delivering and not expecting you to know. We will guide you, just show up to class.

Why Us?

Juan and Joe have spent thousands of hours teaching a wide array of courses to pilots worldwide. Some of our experience includes instructing: ground school, sim sessions, fixed base sim training,  cockpit procedures trainers, touch screen trainers, initial, recurrent, upgrade, interview prep, CRM, HAZMAT, MNPS, RVSM, and many other specialty courses. We have an arsenal of experience to ensure we arm you with an the tools for success.