Type Rating Training – V1 Cut Discussion

At the instructor panel we have various displays to track student progress. One of the ones I like to use is the one in the video above. I can see LOC and GS tracking, I especially love to see this during your single engine ILS approach. It becomes very easy to identify if you’re maintaining […]

EFB’s in the cockpit!

EFB’S! EFB’S make for awesome tools! But in an emergency, they can become your worst nightmare! One thing you do NOT want to do is get used to bookmarking things and not being capable of finding non-normal checklists quickly in your EFB. This is why I say PRACTICE finding non-normal procedures regularly, and additionally do […]

My Experience Getting B737 Typed

Wow Where To Start… My first time training in a Level D sim was in B737NG school. I actually won the type rating out of a raffle out at a job fair. (I talk all about it in the video below if you missed it!) I remember showing up to class completely unaware of what […]

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