Based in sunny Miami, FL 1StepPrep has been offering professional pilot preparation since 2009!  We pride ourselves on working with true professionalism and providing quality instruction that will  assist in ensuring you succeed in your career goals!

Our core lies in providing quality video training to prepare pilots for initial and recurrent training. With instructors having decades of experience both flying and teaching the machines we guarantee you will learn from the very best! We utilize a systematic & thorough teaching process that ensures optimal knowledge transfer in minimal time.

Industry Recognized Instructors Juan & Joe

Pilots Trained 

Juan & Joe work with pilots from around the world. Including 80 hour ground school courses completed entirely in Spanish.

Hours Instruction Given

We know the common weak points and areas where pilots struggle. Imagine years of experience poured out on video right at your fingertips. Its Here.

Years Teaching

We're extremely passionate about instruction. Our goal is to help you succeed and we do this by optimizing knowledge transfer in two ways: Video Lessons & Chat With Us Anytime



Pre Oral

Sit down with Juan & Joe to review a complete oral prep. In 3 hours we'll go through every question, how you should answer, and do a personal assessment of how prepared you are to pass. 

Ground School

Ready to rip the airplane apart and put it back together? Spend anywhere from 8  to 40 hours with Juan & Joe doing exactly that. High quality Instruction - NOT self study guessing.

SIM Training

Ready to work in a Level D sim? Have Juan & Joe as a sim instructor to uncover all the common mistakes before you make them. We provide targeted sim training that delivers efficient & productive sessions.


The information was very well presented and easy to follow. I highly recommend this for anyone getting typed or going through recurrent. 

- Michael B. B737NG

Having gone through several type rating courses, I can say with confidence this video course is the best way to prepare for an oral. The sim prep course also made every session incredibly easier. Worth every penny. 

- Ray M. B737 Classic

Thank You 1 Step Prep for giving me the tools for success. I only had a short period time to study for the oral and simulator sessions; your videos prepared me! I would recommend it for any professional pilot!

- David R. A320